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Electrolysis treatment

In today's society, it's imperative to be well-groomed when you want to project a professional image. At Cartersville Electrolysis, Inc, we'll work with you to remove your unwanted hair discreetly and affordably, so you can look your best.

Common questions about electrolysis for men

What areas can I have treated?

We can treat anywhere on your body except for the inside of your ears and nose, because they do not heal well and are subject to excess bacteria. However, we'll treat almost everywhere else, including your brows, beard sculpting, back, chest, and more.

Effective Male Hair Removal

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How long will this take?

Electrolysis is not fast, but it is a permanent answer to your issues with unwanted body hair. The length of your treatment per visit, as well as the number of treatments you'll need, is determined by the amount of hair you want to have removed.


The key to permanent hair removal is consistent clearing of the area. If your treatments are sporadic, you will not achieve permanent hair removal in the treated area.

How long will my treatment sessions be?

Your treatment sessions can last anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours. The length of the session depends on the amount of hair you wish to have removed, as well as the area you are having treated.

What are the treatments like? What should I expect?

Your first visit with us will be a consultation, where we'll go over what's involved and how the procedure works. We want you to understand what is being done and why it is being done. While we're working on you, we'll be doing a skin analysis and setting the Electrolysis machine up for you.


When you leave your consultation appointment, you'll know whether Electrolysis is a fit for you. Keep in mind that it does not feel the way people expect — it is a heating, stinging sensation, which is completely relative to each individual.


You should not feel the insertion of the probe into the hair follicle or the hair being removed. Your skin will be slightly red, and may be slightly puffy, but this will dissipate within a day. We will give  you aftercare instructions before you leave.

Can you remove hair in the groin or genital area?

Hair in the groin and genital area can be safely removed however, not all electrologists choose to work on these areas. Some may require you to have a medical referral, or you have other areas worked first. If your electrologist does not treat these areas, they should be able to refer you to a colleague who does.